Reward for Negro Man George, a Runaway

Fifty Dollars Reward.

RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 6th of September, a negro man named GEORGE, about 26 or 27 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, well made and very active, and brags much of his running; he has a large burn on his face, I think the left side, it was burnt with gunpowder some years ago, and disfigured his face very much, but he had the lumps cut off and it don't appear so bad, but very plain to be seen. He has a wife at Capt. Sims, about five miles from Nashville. He is expected to be in the neighborhood. The above reward will be given if taken out of the state and confined in any jail, so that I get him again, and ten dollars if taken in the state.

                                            MICHAEL CAMPBELL

September 13—tf.

Source: Nashville Whig (Nashville, TN) 17 Nov 1819, p. 4, digital image at, accessed 05 Jun 2019

Elizabeth Sims and Phillip J Scudder marry

MARRIED—On the 21st ult. by the rev. Mr. HUME, PHILLIP J. SCUDDER, Esq. of Bedford, formerly of New-Jersey, to Miss ELIZABETH SIMS, only daughter of capt. Walter Sims of Davidson, county formerly of Philadelphia

Source: Nashville Whig (Nashville, TN) 06 Feb 1819, p. 3, digital image, accessed 05 Jun 2019

Notice to sell James Terrell's interests to lands of Lyle and Bond

By virtue of a writ of fi. fa. to me directed from the Circuit Court of the United States, the 7th Circuit for the Western District of Tennessee at Nashville, I shall offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, at the Court house in Nashville, on the 4th day of February, 1834, all the right, title and interest that James Terrell has in and to the following pieces or parcels of land, to with:  out of the lands of Bond and Lysle, one hundred and eight and 9-10 acres, beginning at a beech. Bond and Sims’s corner; running west 216 poles to an ash and with oak, Lysle, Bond and Sims’s corner; thence south 134 poles to a white oak and dogwood, Lysle, Bond and Sims’s corner; thence east 216 poles to a stake, Lysle, Bond and Sims’ line; thence north 124 poles to the beginning; also land beginning at a beech on J. Gordon’s line, west of the road leading from Columbia to Pulaski, and runs South 30 chains and 50 links to a white oak on Walter and Wm P. Sims’s line; thence west 19 chains and 24 links to a beech, said Sims’s corner; thence north 7 chains 70 links to a beech, said Sims’s corner; thence west, on said Sims’s line, 18 chains and 16 links to a stake on said Sims’s line; thence north 22 chains and 80 links to a stake; thence east to the beginning. Levied on at the instance of James Lysle’s heirs.
                                                                                   S. B. MARSHALL, M.W.T.
Dec 24, 1833—frs mec $5 62 1/2
Reference: The Tennessean (Nashville, TN) 07 Jan 1834, p. 4 as indexed at

John G. Sims, Attorney at Law to Practice in Nashville and Some Adjacent Counties in 1814

ATTORNEY AT LAW —  Will practice in Nashville and some of the Counties adjacent his office is in the brick building next to Mr. Shall’s dwelling house. 
Nashville, July 20, 1814
Reference: Nashville Whig (Nashville, TN) 02 Aug 1814, p. 4 as indexed at

Administrator's Notice to Sell Negroes Belonging to Estate of John G. Sims, deceased in 1825

Negroes at Public Sale.
On Tuesday the 20th day of December inst I shall sell for cash, at or near the courthouse in Nashville one NEGRO BOY and one NEGRO WOMAN. Sale about 11 o’clock.
               JOS M. BULLUS,
               Adm’r of John G. Sims, dec.
December 5—3t
Reference: Nashville Whig (Nashville, TN) 19 Dec 1825, p. 1 as indexed at

Administrator's Notice to sell Personal Property of John G. Sims, deceased in 1825

Administrator’s Sale.
On Thursday the 15th March, being the 2d day of the Circuit Court, I shall proceed to sell it the residence of the late John G. Sims, Esq. in the house formerly occupied by John H. Bowen, Esq. all the personal property of the said deceased, consisting of HOUSEHOLD and KITCHEN FURNITURE, (principally new,) and a valuable LIBRARY of Law and Miscellaneous Books  Terms, under $5 cash; over that some, nine months credit with approved security.
JOS M. BULLUS, Administrator.
Gallatin, Feb’y 23, 1825 M5-2
Reference: Nashville Whig (Nashville, TN) 12 Mar 1825, p. 1 as indexed at

Trustee Notice to Sell Property to Benefit William P. Sims & Robert Buchanan in 1841

BY virtue of a Deed of Trust to me executed by Richard G. Buchanan for the benefit of Robert Buchanan & William P. Sims, which is registered in Register’s Office of Davidson county, in Book No. 2, pages 637 and 638, I will sell at public auction for cash, at the residence of said Buchanan, on Saturday, the 1st day of May next, all the right, title, claim and interest which the said Richard G. Buchanan has in and to the tract of land on which he now lives, supposed to contain a little upwards of five hundred acres. Also the following negroes, viz.—Jacob, Sam, Amanda, Fran, Mary, Elizabeth and Rebecca. All, all the household and kitchen furniture, stock of every kind, & c, in the possession of said Buchanan.
               R. B. CASTLEMAN, Trustee
Apr 20—co3t
Reference:  The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee) 22 Apr 1841, p.3 as indexed at

William P. Sims Advertises Land for Sale on Waters of Mill Creek in 1844

Land for Sale.
AS I am desirous to move South, I will offer to the public for sale, one of the most desirable Farms on Mill Creek, lying five miles East of Nashville and half a mile from the turnpike road leading to Lebanon, containing three hundred and fifty acres, one hundred and thirty acres in cultivation, the balance is well timbered, and a variety of never failing springs, which makes it desirable for a stock farm. There is on this place an excellent dwelling house, with all necessary out buildings of the best kind. A very fine peach orchard, and a great variety of other choice fruit trees—it is decidedly one of the most desirable farms in the country.
For terms enquire of the subscriber on the premises.
                                                            WILLIAM P. SIMS.
March 1st—1&w1m
Reference: The Tennessean (Nashville, TN) 01 Mar 1844, p. 3 as indexed at