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One-Line Bio

I'm a retired adjunct assistant professor & administrator at a health science center in the USA.


I trained in the laboratory of Myron K. Jacobson, Ph.D. (1975-1979) and was a postdoctoral fellow in Nathan Berger, M.D.'s lab at Washington University School of Medicine (1980-1982).

Myron K. Jacobson lab - 2006
MKJ was a postdoc in Baldomero M Olivera's Lab
MKJ trained with Charlie Hedgecoth at Kansas State University

Nathan Berger bio - 2006
NB trained at the NIH


genealogy, human genetic history, domestication of plants and animals, history & cats (Sarah, a sweet cat, is pictured at the bottom of the sidebar on the post page; she died 25 Feb 2007)